Iso: Crystal Isles для ARK: Survival Evolved

- Dino Difficulty increased to match The Center/Ragnarok
- Added custom transition music for Morning, Noon and Night.
- Completely reworked Eldritch Isle. All new SM structure, new trees, spawn balance, prepped the Underworld entrance, enhanced the zone and ambience, made above water spheres full of monsters in which players can swim through to gather black pearls and element crystal.
- Reworked the Volcano mountain aesthetically. Reworked all VFX and SFX as well as pain volumes, ppv and prepped a large starter entrance for the future Volcano cave. **Lava flows ARE deadly, you have been warned!
- Reworked the Wetlands adding new trees, algae and VFX.
- Added a new biome, The Pale Grove which merges with the floating islands.
- Added a small deep sea cave with ocean loot, black pears and element crystal harvest nodes.
- Finalized Halcyon Plains/Tundra
- Enhanced the Fire Swamp with SM & additional particles
- Generated Proxymesh for all new SM structures.

- Reworked Eldritch spawns. Introducing TAMEABLE Zombie Wyverns(All three types, good luck keeping them asleep for the tame!), TAMEABLE Liquefied Dinos (Bone dinos, including bone wyvern and alpha versions of the Wyvern, Rex and Raptor) The Liquefied creatures cannot be bred and are a good source of Element and Element Shards if harvested. Harvest Thorns and various types of Sumac Berries from the Tundra and Eldritch in order to knock-out tame these creatures.
- Added a version of the Phoenix named the Grand Embertross. Knock-out tame with basic meats for taming.

- Fixed mysteriously/suddenly broken unicorn spawn
- Fixed water tunnel missing walls


- Large desert cave is delayed for 1 WEEK. Look for it end of next week!
- Refined player spawns
- Refined loot crate placement for both land and ocean spawns

- Occasional volcano artifacting. Working on finding the error and fixing it! :) (Hopefully Fixed!)
- Black sky over a portion of the Savannah. (FIXED, patching tonight!)
- Liquefied Jerboa transforms back to a normal one when the player drops the Jerboa from shoulder. (FIXED, patching tonight!)
- Redwoods/Snow biome neon colors/black screen. Unknown as to why this happens and not yet fixed!
- Liquefied Trike does not accept tame foods (FIXED, patched tonight!)
- Lightening Zombie currently takes the GREEN berry (FIXED, patched tonight!)
- Dragon Arena missing floor (FIXED, patching tonight!)

MOD ID = 804312798
Map Name = CrystalIsles

Main Description

This other-worldy Ark is being created with the express vision of bringing brightness, color and a hint of fantasy into the Ark Survivor Evolved world. The map features custom, unique biomes, customized spawns that do NOT interfere with mods/mod spawns, unique assets and custom dinos. Future plans include custom resources and a continuation of the customized biomes and uniquely altered Ark dinos.

Progress and Content

Current Progress: 55%

Yet to Come: Custom World Boss and Boss Arena, Rainforest, Desert, Northlands, Scenic Ocean, Bog, Boneyard, Caves and any future ark content!

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MANAGED BY Grumpy Gaming

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Iso: Zero to Hero
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Please be sure to report your bugs here! Any bug reports made on the front page will be deleted from here on out.

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Special Thanks to...

The Ragnarok Team, for helping make this massive improvement to the Crystal Isles map possible! <3
Go check out their mod!

iSpeZZ of the Steampunk Mod
Not only did he allow me to put copper ore on the map for your convenience, but he helped in completely reworking the Crystal Wyverns and many many other things to do with this update. Go check out his mod!
Go check out his mod!

Mezzo, Torbold, Exilog, Sicco, Cheese, Fissureman, Tkat


Support Team

XCRISCOFISTSX - Manager and Public Relations
Fubukiyo - Discord Admin, Super awesome husband
Archievision - Discord Admin, Beta Server provider
Ari - Creative Writer and website editor
Artorious - Best Mapper Bud, Support and Technical Issue Brainstormer
Zarienai - Discord Admin, Artist and incredibly dedicated community helper <3
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