Mirage - Changing Weather для Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Created by Lewis Palfrey and Luke Millanta, de_mirage_w incorporates varying weather patterns into one of Counter-Strike's most popular maps. There is a pool of 10 different weather patterns. At the start of each round one of these weather patterns is selected at random. These weather patterns are listed below:

- Thunderstorm (heavy rain, low visibility, puddles, frequent lightning, storm clouds)
- Heavy rain (heavy rain, medium visibility, puddles, occasional lightning, storm clouds)
- Light rain (light rain, normal visibility, puddles, no lightning, storm clouds)
- Heavy sandstorm (low visibility, dust in atmosphere, sandstorm sky)
- Medium sandstorm (medium visibility, dust in atmosphere, sandstorm sky)
- Light sandstorm (good visibility, sandstorm sky)
- Heavy fog (low visibility, overcast sky)
- Light fog (medium visibility, overcast sky)
- After Rain (normal environment with puddles)
- Default (everything normal)

You will notice that a high level of attention has been given to how various weather patterns play out on the map. This can most notably be seen during rain-events where puddles appear around the map and the underpass floods with water.

These maps represent an attempt to change weather throughout a game and were made to simply demonstrate what is possible using the Source engine.

You can see more of Luke's work at: twitter.com/lmillanta
Lewis does not have a Twitter because he is a bad human...
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