Zoltan Chivay - Houndmaster skin для Darkest Dungeon

Do not download outside steam Workshop, unless I provide Nexus link.

One particular site has one of my mods uploaded without permission (alongside a ton of mods from other authors).
I have no idea what is in that file, it was taken without permission, and
they are taking donations, do not endorse this activity.

Again, my mods are at Nexus, or Steam-Workshop, I have nothing to do with files uploaded elsewhere.



Got report skin stopped working, I don't have the game currently installed (did clean swipe for windows recently), clarification would be nice.

If it is broken, I assume it is update that changed the animation files, as with some other skins that stop working from time to time. If that is the case, I'll fix this once I get the game installed again.

Thanks for your patience.

Zoltan Chivay - Houndmaster skinZoltan Chivay - Houndmaster skinZoltan Chivay - Houndmaster skin

"It's a dog's life Geralt."

Additional Houndmaster skin.

"Animal tamer" Zoltan Chivay inspired skin, from the Witcher serie.

He is a dwarf, but I have no idea if you can make that change with skin of vanilla character. So, he is regular size, but I tryed to replicate the look from Witcher 2 (CDPR), and maintaining the aesthetic of DD.

Future updates, if something needs tweaking, and I'm planning adding alt skin from Witcher 3 (clothes).

Currently uses spot "houndmaster_W", if overlaps with another additional skin you are using, rename.

Disclaimer: Purely a fan product.

Check out CDPRs latest Witcher game, it is free to play, and awesome:


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