Graphical Map Improvements для Europa Universalis IV

The Graphical Map Improvements mod improves the overall look and feel of the map. Features include:

- New HD terrain textures, seasons and water.
- Bumpiness (shadows) removed from the terrain (Link for version WITH shadows down in description)
- New font for country and province names.
- New country and province borders.
- Larger occupation lines.

MOD COMPATIBILITIES: This mod should be compatible with other mods that don't change the map or map aesthetics.

IRONMAN COMPATIBILITY: The Graphical Map Improvements mod is fully iron-man compatible! However, thanks to Paradox, in order to make the mod iron-man compatible, random new world compatibility had to be stripped away. This is completely fine, it just means you cannot play random new world without the world looking buggy.


Here is a text file with all the links to the downloads:
Download links

Instructions:Unzip the package, and place the two files in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\


(This will work for updating the mod to a new version)
Navigate to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\ and open graphicmap.mod with Notepad. Navigate to the line that says supported_version="[version]" and change the field [version] to whichever EU4 version you wish. For example, for version 1.22, you would insert:


The * symbol is to signify all patches under that version 1.22. Do this if you want the mod to work with all EU4 patches under a certain version.


If you encounter any bugs or anything abnormal, use the direct download links above to install the mod. This may fix the problem. Otherwise, there is a known bug involving the font being glitched, and it seems to happen to Mac users only. If the font is all buggy and strange, install the vanilla fonts version of the mod in the direct download links above. This will get rid of the custom font but it's better than having a buggy, broken font.


I am fine with anyone using my mod in any way and reuploading it as long as they give me credit in the description of their mod.
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