⟪Mod⟫ Endo's Weapons для Forts

-- Description --

This was my first mod for Forts I've made. It changes the textures of the default snipers and projectiles, and adds another incendiary sniper variant that can be obtained by upgrading an AP sniper.

-- Changes --

This mod makes the following changes:

- Regular sniper now shoots potatoes
- AP sniper now shoots potatoes
- Adds an incendiary sniper (that shoots hot potatoes)
- Regular cannon now shoots pumpkins
- Incendiary mortar now shoots eggs
- Heavy mortar now shoots eggs
- Reduced build time and increased cost of upgrade center

The incendiary sniper has a slightly reduced penetration power.

-- WHY?! --

Because I can.


In the extremely rare case you find bugs (or have any suggestions), post about them in the comments or the Forts Discord server (#modding) and tag me.
COPYING INFO: Copying/modifying any part of this mod or it's assets is only allowed when explicit permission to do so was given by me. If you wanna ask me for permission, just join the Forts Discord server and ask me there.

That's about it, have fun with the mod!
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