gPhone для Garry's Mod

Bringing the iPhone into Garry's Mod without the price tag!


The Garry Phone, or gPhone for short, is a project that has been 3 months in the making in order to create the most powerful phone addon out there! Its designed to look and operate like an iPhone but have the features needed to make it useful in DarkRP. Using a system inspired by TTT, the gPhone has custom language files and functions that make it easy to translate the phone into different languages. Hold the G key to open the phone


* gphone_build - Creates the phone on your screen
* gphone_destroy - Removes the phone from your screen
* gphone_toggle - Toggles the phone open/closed
* gphone_version - Prints the phone's version
* gphone_dump - Writes the phone's debug log to console
* gphone_logwipe - Wipes the phone's debug log
* gphone_stopmusic - Stops the currently playing music
* gphone_enabletutorial - Re-enables the phone tutorial
* gphone_searchsong [args] - Searches Spotify for album covers that match the artist or song provided

Custom content:

In order to have custom wallpaper and music off your computer, you need to place the files in the proper directory. These are relative to the Steam/steamapps/common directory which can be found on the harddrive where you installed Steam.

Music - "GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\gphone\sound\gphone\music"
Wallpaper - "GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\gphone\materials\vgui\gphone\wallpapers"


If you know Lua and Derma then you are able to create an app for the gPhone. See the wiki on Github page for help using the phone's app framework.


Copy the English language lua file and translate it to the best of your ability into your language. After that you can contact me and I'll add it to the phone.


If you have any issues or errors with the phone, please post them below and be specific as to what the problem is and how it happened. Reports that say "it doesnt work" will be ignored as that helps me in no way.


Just hold the G key to open and close the phone!

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