Metro 2033 Content Pack для Garry's Mod

Metro 2033 Content Pack

Metro 2033 Content Pack.

There are props for building in Metro Tunnels.
This addon contains a needed materials and models for building in Metro Tunnels.
And also this addon contains some Ragdolls from original game.
In the future I'll try to add new props for my addon.

List of content:

- Some Civilian models.
- 4-th Reich models.
- RedLine models.
- GasMask models.
- Building props models.
- Food models.
- And other items from original game.


All Credits go to FacePunch for all models.
And credits to Metro 2033 for original models in the game. :]


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And in the future I will update my Content Pack.

[spoiler]TAGS: Metro, Building Props, RolePlay, Metro Redux, Metro Last Light, RedLine, Communist, 4-th Rich, Nazi, Russian, misc..[/spoiler]
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