Renamon And Krystal Backgrounds для Garry's Mod

A bunch of stuff for your boring title screen :3
Yes, you can join the people saying that its rule 34 down below :P
I am not going to update this, so have fun.
So what does this do?
It changes the backgrounds of the title screen, better off saying its what a desktop background is to a, well, desktop.




^Cuz someone asked

Sort of important 2

I am reworking the code which allows me to upload these. Basically, the publishing script (For GMPUBLISH) is targetting its old location, which is annoying, now that it is archived in one of my desktop folders. Anyway, support has ended for this pack. See ya peeps next pack. (this got me 100 thumbs :D)

Sort of important

Yeah, I probably might not be making many more of these backgrounds, I am probably just going to make a Fur Affinity pack (Also SFW!) and maybe some just pure misc. packs. Undertale anyone? :D So yeah, don't speculate anything is going to happen with this, its just going to have its usual bgs. Anyway, i am going to upload some sandbox skins which make it a bit like other games.

A completely SFW pack of Krystal and Renamon backgrounds, known to be the two most popular comercial furries.
Has currently:
8 Renamon
8 Krystal
Some of them are 'suggestive' for the record. :D this was fun to make. First GMOD addon!
Righteo, so, if you want to find where these came from use a gmad extractor and use google image search, simples.
(Hopefully you know how it works)

Update History

>>>V1 (28/03/2016)
Contains Backgrounds 9-16
>Krystal lying down (Gridded Floor) (krystal_sexy_flirt_by_lycanarius-d5e7z2l.jpg)
>Renamon on electric wire (b80558a29c986aaa39fb84b8c5e647fd.jpg)
>Krystal (SFM) hand on chest (krystal_released_for_sfm__updated__by_nintendo1889m-d9ulo0r.jpg)
>Krystal official art (Wallpaper-ed) (fanart_original_6263-2.jpg)
>Renamon in swimsuit (mmd_renamon_swimwear_wip_v2_dl_by_punkychaz-d983kqo.jpg)
>Renamon in punk outfit (mmd_renamon_punk_outfit_wip_dl_by_punkychaz-d9866tn.jpg)
>Krystal in village (73117-1-1454359935.jpg)

>>>V0.5 (15/03/2016)
Contains Backgrounds 1-8
>Krystal Praying (1920x1080-krystal_video_game_star_fox-28148.jpg)
>Renamon on sofa (2014_10_26_00006_by_kresselack1313-d8453vh.jpg)
>Krystal sitting with staff (duff.jpg)
>Krystal on beach (duff2.jpg)
>Kensabeast Krystal (maxresdefault.jpg)
>Nerdcaliber Renamon fursuit (maxresdefault2.jpg)
>Renamon with hand on hip (renamon_by_gannadene-d8sfteb.jpg)
>Renamon lying down holding tail (renamon_wallpaper_by_j_fujita-d4s8ozk)

Request Handling

Requests of any more Krystal and Renamon backgrounds are available! Just post a url down in the comments and label what it is. A couple rules though.
>No NSFW (Not safe for work) backgrounds! So don't go looking on something like e621 or furrybooru because you probably won't get any SFW backgrounds there. e621 however has e926, a SFW version of it.
>The backgrounds must be a perspective ratio of 16:9. That means the resolutions on the chart below (read like: 'Width' space 'height'). There are alot, but I recomend searching for these resolutions:
-1920x1080 (Means i don't even need to resize it!)
Quick tip: Use google search tools to search for exact image sizes.

Chart of resolutions

640 360
720 405
848 480
960 540
1024 576
1280 720
1366 768
1600 900
1920 1080
2048 1152
2560 1440
2880 1620
3200 1800
3840 2160
4096 2304
5120 2880
7680 4320
15360 8640


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