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Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War


Status: Open Beta
Project Lead: Wolferos
Current Version: 0.5.2
Compatible with: Hearts of Iron IV, Patch 1.5.2 "Cornflakes"
Supported Languages:
- English
- French (Integrated in the Mod)
- Russian (Integrated in the Mod, Спасибо Strategium.ru)
- Japanese (日本語化MOD, +JP: The Great War)
- Polish (Polskie Tłumaczenie)
- Turkish (Türkçe Yama)
- Chinese (Current Status)
- German (Integrated in the Mod, experimental stage)
- Korean (Korean Translation)
- Portuguese (Integrated in the Mod, experimental stage)
- Spanish (Integrated in the Mod, experimental stage)


One hundred years ago, a war in Europe erupted which would change the world as we know it. Men were forced out of their homes, from their farms and apartments, to fight in seemingly neverending trenches, gaining meters and meters of ground a day at the cost of massive casualties.

Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War, an overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV, puts you in the position of one of the countries of the world in World War One's time period. In an era where the stakes were high and risks even higher, you'll have to tread lightly when it comes to diplomacy. A single mistake or a single bluff gone too far could mean the deaths of millions.

Of course, that's not to say that the Great War is the only thing on anyone's minds. Revolution is flaring up in China and Mexico, Italy is rumored to have designs on taking Libya, and the Balkan States seem to be banding closer against one of their foreign targets. With all this conflict across the world, the Great Powers alone won't be having all of the fun.

The War itself has been modeled to match more closely the flow and style of war of World War I. Infantry virtually alone will rule the Battlefield at the beginning of the Conflict, before Planes and Armored Cars will take the field in good numbers. Trench Systems will see construction throughout Europe, until a mad engineer's dream, the Tank, rolls out of the factory and onto the Battlefield. All the while, massive fleets of massive Dreadnoughts will fill the Oceans, with all sides vying to wrest control of the waters.

With elaborate National Focus trees that delve deep into Alternate History, you may find two games with the same country end up completely differently. What if French Socialists began a great civil war during the mutinies? What if Italy decided to go hardline and fight with the Central Powers? In Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War, the smallest divergences can change everything.

Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War, of course, is designed to attempt to emulate how Paradox themselves would have designed the scenario, so veterans of the World War II scenario and of the Hearts of Iron franchise will have no trouble adjusting. Even the new models, sounds, and animations are designed with Paradox's standards in mind. You may just settle into the game so quickly, you'll wind up with trench foot and shell shock before you realize it.


Two Starting Scenarios

- 1910 - The Powderkeg of Europe. Guide your nation through events like the Balkan Wars and Agadir Crisis as the road to war begins to be laid out.
- 1914 - The Great War. Jump straight into the action of the historical First World War. Can you avoid the mistakes of history, or will you find yourself falling into even worse traps?

New National Focus Trees for

- German Empire
- Austria-Hungary
- French Republic
- United-Kingdom
- Russian Empire
- Kingdom of Italy
- Ottoman Empire
- United States of America
- Empire of Japan
- Soviet Union
- Serbia
- Bulgaria
- Mexico
- Netherlands
- Belgium

New and unique weapons of warfare:

- New Armored Car unit
- Brand New Doctrines designed for World War I
- Technologies simulating Gas Warfare
- New Light Machine Gun, Trench Mortar, and Flamethrower Technologies
- The New "Trench" building
- More than 500 Technologies

Real events from the time period

- The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
- Alternative Scenarios to begin the Great War
- The Xinhai Revolution
- Several steps of the Mexican Revolution
- The October Revolution
- Tons of Historic News Events for added flavor
- Regional Events for all Major Powers
- And so much more...

News 3D Models for

- Infantry
- Tanks
- Planes
- Armored Cars
- Zeppelins
- Cavalry


- More Treaty events to replace the Peace Conferences
- Interwar Period Events
- More National Focus Trees
- Improved GFX and More 3D Models
- More Technologies
- More Flavor Texts
- More Country Leaders, Political Advisors, Generals, Admirals
- Game Balancing and Improved AI Decisions
- More than that to come...


Q: Is this Mod Ironman Friendly?
A: We've modified way too many files for this to ever be Ironman Friendly. If we had the sort of magic to make it so, we'd be in Stockholm right now.

Q: Is this Mod playable in Multiplayer?
A: Yes! It's a great way to spend a saturday night, just make sure you boys don't let carried away and let that stretch to monday morning.

Q: Any recommended country?
A: The German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the French Republic are always a good choice to start with in 1910 or 1914 but you are free to try any country that you want.

Q: This Mod seems cool! Can I help you?
A: Yes, you can help us, we have a GitHub Repository for that.

Q: Will this Mod include Interwar Period and World War II?
A: We have already starting to work slowly on the Interwar Period and we have included some Vanilla National Focus for World War II.

Q: Where can I download the Mod?
A: We strongly recomand to use the Steam Workshop Version but you can also download it on Mod DB.


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- Kaiser Anony
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- skullbe
- Kuebelwagen
- Stluvik
- MurderMountain
- M3Henry
- fedcba
- MrBlazzar
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Flickering Flags Fix made by Chairman Meow
Austro-Hungarians Voices made by Geodomus


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