RobZ Realism mod для Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Realism mod made by RobZ, and credits to Warfare11.
Mod Group
This mod includes gore-mod, using gore mod seperately can cause issues.
Play with a year-setting in multiplayer for the best balanced experience. (1944 and 1945 beeing closest to "all" units)

Latest version : 1.25.2
This is a MP mod (vanilla skrimish missions can have issues)

How to install:
1. Subscribe
2. Wait for it to download
3. start the game, go to options/mods and activate the mod (if the mod is not there restart the game)
4. Play

Some changes this mod brings:
- Infantry damage is now based on hitboxes, not weapon damage. So it makes a differance if u hit the head, body, legs..etc.. Also depends on the weapons they get hit by, pistol / smg, stg, carbine, mg / rifle, .50 HMG.. and so on
- Redone vehicle mobility to make tanks and armored vehicles act alot more realistic
- Redone tank damage system, alot more events and stuff that can happen to tanks. (cook offs, fuel fires, internal damage, spalling..etc..)
- New FX for alot of stuff
- Added new historical shells (like APC,APCBC,HEAT,WP.. and alot more) for tanks and guns with realistic data and behaviour. (credits to skr for some new shell models)
- New infantry skins (credits to Mandingo for the models , textures by Krieg_Strudel)
- New vehicles and units (huge credits to Normand and his Valour mod, credits to GSM and skr)
- New sounds
- Increased ranges. 50-140 for infantry weapons. 140-250 for cannons and tank guns. 240-790 for artillery (depends on what artillery piece and the real life range)
- Redone accuracy and penetration drop curve
- Redone veterancy and weapon levels. AS2 levels was from 1-5, now its from 1-10 and different nations have different level troops which is reflected by price.
- New maps (blue highlighted is from Normand and his Valour mod, green highlighted is from GSM so credits to those)
- Weapon jamming. Small arms now can now jam (credits to sonne for this script)
- Many many small changes which I have forgotten at the moment or just too much to write down

This mod has no missions in it, but if you want to make missions with the mod you're free to do so.

Check out The Shermanator , Warfare11 ,
Raptor , DiplexHeated and BaronVonGamez
as they have made videos using my mod.

Report bugs if found in bugs discussion.
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