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From the makers of ICE&FIRE 17: the brand new ICE MOD 2018 features Formula E, Super Formula, Formula 4, Blancpain GT3, ADAC GT Masters GT3, WEC GTEPro and WEC GTEAm. Most popular workshop mod which takes your Motorsport Manager to the most realistic level!

ICE Mod allows players to recreate real life racing in seven different racing series starting with the drivers and team line-ups of the 2018 season.

Series included:
Formula E, Super Formula and Formula 4 in Open Wheel category,
Blancpain GT Series and ADAC GT Masters in GT category, (GT DLC needed)
WEC GTEPro and WEC GTEAm in Endurance category. (Endurance DLC needed)


Base features:
- over 700 real sponsors and sponsor system overhaul (over 2100 different sponsor offers)
- over 670 drivers completly made from scratch, complete new balance system
- custom video
- 72 real Teams, Teamcolours, HQs, Chairmen and Principals (what we were able to find)
- 15 3D models + UV based liveries
- 7 different championships (complete rules overhaul, races, pointsystem...)
- real journalists and media outlets
- new part suppliers, new supplier systems in WEC,GT3 and Formula E
- new traits that have a big impact on driver improveability, cut drivers potential, will be different on every career start to make each career of all players different.

Features that effect „long races“:
- again made: rebalanced tyre behaviour (heating, reliability)
- increased repair times in races
- changed the importance of driver form from series to series
- changed the importance of car parts from series to series
- all in all better balancing than „short“ or „medium“ race length

---New Stuff since 2017---

- rebalanced sponsors completly (5 Stars possible for all slots, new moneysystem, better experience)
- Part Development is cheaper and faster
- Formula E chooses gearbox instead of engine and batteries instead of fuel
- driver development through traits (details further down)
- unsigned drivers have the chance to train as well through traits
- most sponsor slots are blank so you have the full control over your deals
- over 160 new drivers (672 in total)
- HQ money balancing
- GT3 cars are "limited" to the type of engine the car uses. They could use a different type (swap V12 for V6 Turbo for example) but for much more money. That might lead to a challenge in GT3
to handle the car and you chose whatever pros and cons that has. In WEC teams are limited to the brand they use for engine and chassis, same idea.

--New Potential System---

Drivers will no longer have a lot potential, but this will change when they perform well. That means a driver placed in the Top 10 can gain potential, the chance for that to happen is higher for youngest drivers, it will not happen every race. That means, each playthrough might be different and the stats are more dynamical. You will find a lot of new traits that change the gameplay, they are not supported by ingame E-Mail which means you have to manually find them on drivers. So check on yours and other drivers, maybe you will find a driver that recently started learning in an academy or got a paydriver. Also, the new traits are only available in english language since the file for translations is not modable.

--Important notes before playing---

Do yourself a favor and take the first years in your career to learn the new mod. A lot of new stuff, a lot has changed. Money seems to be a lot in some cases but you will need it.
Formula 4 is a spec series, yes. What for? To build your HQ and to train drivers. That is very important now. Only a winner team can successfully build future champions.

Too easy or too hard? Change the difficulty in the options!

The 3-Stage-Qualifying Rule has been disabled due to a vanilla bug that can corrupt your savegame.

Do not expect "realistic" results from series you are not active in!

Expect funny suppliers in the first year of cyot (due to limitations).

Do not attempt to play the tutorial with this mod.

This mod will only work in careers, not single races. Savegames from other mods/vanilla may not work as intended.

Best balancing results are given using "Long Races".

Do not have other mods or assets running while attempting to play the mod. We are not responsible for other assets or mods and activating them might break the mod.

The way liveries are interacting with car models has been completly changed.
Instead of projections there are UV Coordinates used now. That means the cars in the race will look as perfect as in the menu. That’s a big difference to vanilla.
Choose only liveries from the „workshop“ tab and cycle through them to find fitting liveries for your car:
Liveries 1-36 are used by FE-SF-F4 each team has a livery especially made for each series, making it 36 liveries for each tier!
Liveries 37-81 fit on the GT3 cars, (Audi got the most liveries for example, you got to go through the workshop tab liveries and find a livery that fits!)

---Additional Files---

The zoom mod is available on the #announcements channel on the discord.


The ICE Mod has been tested and there are no game-breaking bugs or issues.
If you have trouble getting it to work please try the following things:

Please verify your gamefiles via Steam, try restarting motorsport manager/steam, see if the mod downloads in steam, if not try to sub again. Restarting your pc helped in a lot of cases.

If you have more problems and care about getting it solved, make a *detailed* report on the discord. We can't help you if you comment here.

If you have the phenomenon of standard team liveries looking wrong, drivernames not loading etc, disable all other mods and assets. ALL assets, additional liveries won't work with this mod as well, all liveries are specially made for the models in this mod (again, use the liveries from the "workshop" tab in the livery menu)

If you attempt to play this mod on a insufficient laptop or pc you will face long loading times or worse.

Is this mod compatible to Mac/Linux? Sadly the models are not, and that is most likely due to a shader problem that only Playsport could fix. Please delete the models from the mod's folder if you want to play the mod – but then don’t expect liveries to work properly.


Visit the discord to find us working on stuff, if you want to discuss, ask questions, additional trouble shooting and bug reports (bug reports via comments are not sufficient if you want it solved):


Thanks to Andy who made most of the liveries you will use in game (especially SingleSeaters)
Thanks to Ced who made a bunch of GT3 liveres
Thanks to Maian for the Techeetah livery
Thanks to Falko for helping with everything
Thanks to Aurélien for helping with models
Thanks to Kai for the insights and discussions in the last weeks
Thanks to Ryoko for researching Super Formula
Thanks to Zane for researching stuff
Thanks to KTL for researching stuff

If you want to support us visit

ICE Mod 2018
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