Better Clock Mod + Skip Hour для Prison Architect

--Changed Add Hour to Skip Hour--

What does this mod do?

This mod changes the order of clock buttons.
New order of Buttons:
ll > >> >>>
>>>>> Skip Hour

What other mods is this mod compatible with?

• Segoe UI Font/Clock & Needs Tooltip Tweaks;
This mod is completely compatible with the Segoe UI Font/Clock & Needs Tooltip Tweaks mod, just as long as put it on top of this mod. (It changes the clock buttons to make them nicer, so if you put it under, the font changes, but not the clock buttons, so put it on top for the buttons to change on the clock.)

What bugs are currently in this mod?

• Skip Hour button doesn't work with some events (for example Federal Witness Court date: although it removes hours from the date, and your prisoners don't have enough time to kill witness's, as soon as it's finished it starts counting DOWN hours).
• Skip Hour button doesn't work with Failure Conditions (for example when waiting __ amount of time with no deaths in your prison).
• All speed buttons don't work as soon as you get to Item 4 in an Execution (at which point if you press and buttons, the game just makes none selected and continues at Game Speed 1).
• With Segoe UI Font/UI Tweaks mod, if you do not put that mod on top, the clock buttons that my mod (this mod) adds, show up a bit strange.

Who contributed to this mod?

Thank you 4loris4 for granting me permission to use your x10 speed code in this mod.
Link to 4loris4’s original "Better Clock Mod" (contains x7 Button instead of Skip Hour):

Another mod I think you would like:

Hope you like it, and please report any bugs in the comments below.

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