FOC Alliance 8.0Xb Beta by Nomada_Firefox для STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

Thanks by download the FOC Alliance 8.0X. This mod is the fruit from my work for more of 10 years and it is not only a mod where I had copied and pasted everything, it includes thousands of changes and customizations with many new features.

Although I have made by myself, I use many models and textures made by others. Without them the mod certainly would not be as it is.

However I would like to emphasize that the vast majority of materials added to the mod were not originally made for this game and they had a high conversion work on my part. Possibly this is the mod of EAW / FOC with less materials used from the EAW / FOC community.

Other good points are how it is probably the mod with more new code, new features, new units, specially ground units, even walkers and more. By this reason all comparation has not sense y by this reason, the mod runs very different to other mod made for EAW/FOC.

FOC Alliance 8.0X main changes log:
*Legacy factions added in Galactic Conquest.
*Chiss, Corporate Sector, Hapan and Hutts are again as in the old versions the FreeSide. The game has limitations and it does not accept all these amount of factions.
*New ground units added.
-TIE Reaper.
-TIE Striker.
-TX-225 GAVw Tank.
-Death trooper.
-A5-RX battle tank.
-T10-B Tank.
*Some minor improves/changes.

The mod is translated into Spanish, English and German.

It supports multiplayer.

The special installation for the AI should not be neccesary any more with the last update.

If you do not want launch the mod always from the mods options inside the game. Enter the game properties and add this line in the launch properties. STEAMMOD=1241979729
Two useful recomendations:

-Because it can corrupt savegames, I recomend you deactivate the steam cloud option from the game properties.

-Another recomendation about savegames do not loading. Install Steam out the c;\program files , set in the Steam exe, the runme.exe and runme2.exe in the \steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War, and the StarwarsG.exe, all them with compability start as administrator.

After it, save your games several times with new files and better in a day count where you have not played any battle.

Check these video about it:

This is a set of recomendation thinking avoiding the corrupt savegames. I have tested them and they can work but I do not guarantee nothing.

*If you do not see the download message, really it is downloading. The difference is from some time ago Steam does not give messages about the Workshop downloads. Time of download depends from you connection. One war for check if the mod is download, it would be check the folder ..\steamapps\workshop\.. , you would see the mod content inside downloading, how you will not be able to play with it before it be moved by the Steam lobby when the download finish to the correct mod folder.

Remember to play the original skirmiss maps in multiplayer and the customized SP at single player.

Follow my mods and new incoming versions at
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