Parallax Removal (FPS Booster - Reupload) для Starbound

This mod intends to improve FPS performance by removing all parallax images.

You won't see any parallax images in your planets (lush background, desert background, buildings, etc), only the space background (see screenshots).

This mod is a reupload and updated version of Bert John's "FPS Booster" in Chucklefish official forums (thanks to Enigma for notifying me the missing files).

Get the non-Steam download here:
Chucklefish official repo

Alternative mods
- Want to remove only the surface?
Use No Surface Backgrounds instead.
- Want to improve FPS but do not want to disable parallax images?
Use Parallax Compression (FPS Improvement) mod instead.

Other FPS improvement mods
- See Starbound FPS Optimization mod collection

See also
- FPS & Performance Tips (Steam guide)

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