Nordo's Faction Unlocker для Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition


>>> more turns per year versions released: Extended 4tpy, Simple 4tpy, Simple 2tpy.
Please also rate the main mod if you are using one of these versions. Cheers ;)

Dear Steam Community

I know a lot of people have been waiting for a faction unlock mod that works with the newest Desert Kingdoms DLC and patch 19. Since the authors of old unlock mods do not respond at all to comments I worked on updating the All factions unlocked mod. After several successful tests I'd say I've manged to make all 115 factions available for the Grand Campaign and custom battles.

Of course, credit goes to the authors of the original mod.


Mod Content

- unlocked: all 115 Factions playable for the Grand Campaign
you still need the DLC to play with DLC factions of course

- all Grand Campaign factions unlocked for custom battles
- custom traits for all factions based on the original mod (All factions unlocked)
- victory conditions for all factions
- difficulty rating for all unlocked factions
- political parties for all factions
- and more...



This mod changes the Grand Campaign startpos and is not compatible with other mods that do so, e.g. mods that change turns per year. However, it should work with almost every other mod, even with mods that change another campaign's startpos. A separate 4tpy version is available here.

The mod is part of my Better Rome II Compilation for patch 19.

If you find any bugs or issues please write it in the comments.
I'd be glad if you could rate this mod to help people finding it.


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Ps.: Please accept that I don't accept friend requests
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