REM Gold Edition (part 1) для Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Hi Rome II fans! Want to play ultimate and exciting campaign where you have to survive more than think about expansion on the map? Where the most intelligent CAI (proved by players) can inflict an unexpected and heavy hit. Where the economy of settlements and diplomacy play a truly important role. Then this is a global mod for you!

It took me 12 months of work and hundreds of scanned mods in the Workshop to create a truly unique Overhaul that changes almost everything in this game! Starting from great animations, unpredictable battles, hundreds nice units, and finishing with big garrisons and remade maps of most Campaigns!

For example, in Great Campaign Carthage got its original lands. Etruscan became the client state of Rome. Macedonia, Pergamon, Seleucid became bigger. 45 cities got walls, as it was in history. Near to 50 new mercenaries were distributed all around the map.

In Greek campaign were added recruitment zones for each nation, new mercs and many unique units for almost every faction. Startpos was also redesigned. 17 cities received walls and Sparta lost them.

REM adds to Empire Divided campaign: all factions playable, auxilia to all factions, walls to 47 cities, AOR, many units almost for all factions, big garrisons, secessionists as rebels to major factions, some diplomatic changes, and faction Baktria removed as unhistorical.

Emperor Augustus is 12 tpy now! I added a lot of historical factions, including Athens and Sparta, who were in subjection to Rome, but they still existed as states! 52 cities have received walls historically.
Also you will not see Latin rebels on the Gallic lands, captured by Rome just several years ago. But you can see the Seleucids (captured only 30 years ago), Syracuse and 10 other factions as rebels! Add to this about 700 new units distributed over AOR zones, 95% of playable fractions in all campaigns.

There is not enough space on this page to describe all the elements that my mod changes! You'd better sit and play at least 10-20 hours in Rome 2 with REM to feel and realize it. Perhaps after that you will forget about all the other global mods for some time :)

I want to express my huge respect and gratitude to: Andrew Boyarsky, Marcus_Iunius_Brutus, Phalangitis, ToonTotalWar, Ryan, Nor Dogroth, scottfree001, Ki Adi Hoontang, Aguirre, morfeasnikos, Gyrosmeister and other men, whose mods' ideas and units used in REM Gold Edition.

Expanded features of REM Gold:

1. New diplomatic ability! Now you can make peace with enemy if you propose him declare war on his enemies (even your allies!). Otherwise you can try to make peace treaty with starting of Neutral relations with other faction.
2. Added Area of Recruitment (AOR) to all factions. So factions now can recruit their native troops (except low skilled) only in their home land and neighbor areas.
3. Each army (Player & AI) consumes 1 food in the region where it is located. Now it is better to fight on foreign lands! So think longer about giving somebody military access :)
4. Number of all units now limited to 7-15. So no more spam of several favorite units in your game. This is based on the point of a limited number of equipment for certain troops.
5. BAI & CAI became really smarter! AI armies do not stand still or walking bаск and forth. CAI always does what is useful (hires troops, attacks enemy more often, etc.)
6. Penalties for breaking treaties increased! Now you need to choose more carefully, with whom to fight, and with whom to make alliances.
7. Added many new effects for generals, seasons, public order level and government types.
8. Unique effect created: unit recruitment time now increased by 1 turn in provinces with very bad public order.
9. Edicts are completely reworked. Now this is not only pluses for the province, but also minuses (as in real life).
10. Money you need to earn in REM! Base income reduced (for majors less), but increased income from buildings of higher levels.
11. With new morale system battle does not go until the last survivor and it is not always about equal people's losses (as in Vanilla).
12. Surrounding the enemy's troops, shelling, the death of general are very important!
13. Recruit times are now from 1 to 3 turns. Reason: to get better armed troops, you need more time (as in real life). So you will further appreciate your armies!
14. Now all factions have Auxiliary units. Also 60+ new auxiliary units added to AOR regions. So no more hiring native faction’s units on far away lands - it is more historical!
15. Now all citizens are not converted to foreigners when you capture a settlement, but big population drop for other culture.
16. Income from slaves is increased 3 times and armies are capturing them more.
17. From now on, your General in city gives minus 10 public order. Reason: armies when dont fight, start make troubles to local population.
18. Game balanced for better challenge in mid/late campaign. Main features: higher diplomacy penalties and armies upkeep for rising imperium levels.
19. Generals with higher subterfuge levels now have more units recruitment cost (corruption in army).
20. Handicaps for humans and AI have been reworked overall (income, PO, diplomacy). On Very Hard difficulty AI factions will like each other more and hate you more too.
21. In provinces with good Public order you will recruit better skilled units! In provinces with bad PO you will get moral and defense drop, lower replenishment rate and recruitment points.
22. Before conquer look if this region have the same culture as you - it will be much easier to deal with PO then.
23. Army / Fleet modes improved. Now each regime gives advantages / disadvantages. In fortifications upkeep is 25% more cause army need additional costs for making structures. Same thing with sieges.
24. "Client state" option replaced by satrapy/vassal for all factions. So new satrapies automatically make peace with player's allies - it is more real.
25. Also, better AI army compositions, more formations, reworked conquests, weakened agents, better units exp gain, improved research and naval! And much more!

Things to do:
[strike]1. Remove Corinthian helmets for units of Grand and Emperor Campaigns.[/strike]
[strike]2. Rebalance units' recruitment for factions, areas, buildings.[/strike]
[strike]3. Make all factions playable, auxilia to all, and walls to cities in Empire Divided campaign.[/strike]
[strike]4. Add new nice units, reskins, effects, etc.[/strike]
[strike]5. Redone Grand Campaign map with adding new factions.[/strike]

REM was created for hardcore players, so I would recommend you Normal difficulty for the start!

REM sub-mods:

- Smaller garrisons

- Easier diplomacy

- Sack and all diplomatic options

- More agents

- Doubled limits (caps) for vanilla units

- Halved imperium penalties

- Doubled base income

- Longer battles

REM Gold Edition (part 1)
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