Total War: ROME II - Reinstated для Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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New Lorica Hamata model with high definition texture
New high definition roman shield pattern
Roman scabbards
Coolus helmet
More balanced stats

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Reinstated brings unique units including naval units, among them the Harpax Hexareme, artillery units called the Fire Raisers and War Pigs into battle. Featuring 39 of new units that pay out in combat between multiple different unit types, the massed battles of Total War: ROME II will never be the same again.

If you dig around in the db and the game files you find remains of many units CA once started to work on but then apparently decided against and never finished, Reinstated for ROME II now finishes those units and finally brings them into your game.

Reinstated features 32 new units:

- Garamantian Warriors
- Noble Cavalry
- Auxiliary Garamantian Warriors
- Auxiliary Ambushers
- Auxiliary Painted Ones
- Auxiliary Kartli Axemen
- Auxiliary Club Levy
- Auxiliary Thessalian Cavalry
- Auxiliary Heavy Infantry
- Auxiliary Heavy Infantry Bireme
- Barbarian Screaming Women
- Barbarian Germanic Screaming Women
- Painted Riders
- Spear Champions
- Sword Champions
- Carthaginian Fire Raiser
- Germanic Screaming Women
- Sword Brothers
- Persian Assault Teteres, Sword Brothers
- Greek Fire Raiser
- Mercenary Garamantian Warriors
- Mercenary Ambushers
- Mercenary Painted Ones
- Mercenary Kartli Axemen
- Mercenary Club Levy
- Mercenary Thessalian Cavalry
- Numidian Legionaries
- Roman Fire Raiser
- Harpax Hexareme, Hastati
- Harpax Hexareme, Legionaries
- Harpax Hexareme, Legionary Cohort
- War Pigs

7 units are still left to do including an Amazonian chariot archer unit. I have some other mods I want to make progress on but if you like this mod I will continue working on it. You can show me by giving the mod a thumbs up:

- [strike]Amazonian Archers[/strike] (Done)
- [strike]Amazonian Chariots[/strike] (Done)
- [strike]Amazonian Warriors[/strike] (Done)
- [strike]Auxiliary Cimmerian Archers[/strike] (Done)
- [strike]Illyrian Ballista[/strike] (Done)
- [strike]Mercenary Cimmerian Archers[/strike] (Done)
- [strike]Noble 'Amazonian' Riders[/strike] (Done)

Additional information:
Note that the War Pigs unit is still not properly working. I don't think I will be able to apply fire vfx effects. So they are more a visual gimmick for now. For some people the Harpax Hexareme is not working. Verifying the integrity of the game cache or reinstalling the game should solve it. The musicians are yet not able to actually play their instruments. I maybe will create a new animation for that some time in the future. They are also sometimes floating in the air as they are linked to the broken 3rd battle personality.

Total War: ROME II - Reinstated Among the six nominees for the Most Innovative Award at the 2015 Mod Awards.



Language: Set to English
Multiplayer: Subscription of every participating player

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