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Welcome to Pyria: Mythos Evolved!

Latest Major Version:
-NEW CREATURE: Shmerghazberg! (class: Wildlife)
-NEW CREATURE: Nerm! (class: wildlife)
-NEW CREATURE: Rabbit! (class: wildlife)
-NEW CREATURE: Driger! (class: wildlife)
-NEW PATREON-EXCLUSIVE CRETURE: Omen! (class: wildlife)
-NEW BOSS: Spited Revenant Alpha Carnotaurus! (class: undead)
-NEW BOSS: Spited Revenant Alpha Tyrannosaurus! (class: undead)
-NEW CREATURE: Alpha Fulgur Carnotaurus! (class: undead)
-NEW CREATURE: Alpha Infernal Tyrannosaurus! (class: undead)
-NEW CREATURE: Divine Allosaurus!
-Fixed like 5 things I forget X_X
-Royal Hornet now harvests bushes properly
-Tarrasque now breeds properly
-Water Wyvern is now more common
-Reduced maximum level for Lich's minions. Only Withered now has gang bonus.
-Diorex now electrocutes the target on physical contact and returns 10% of physical damage back to attacker (both tamed and wild)
-Ryu's bite now has Divine Allosaurus's new damagetype, his bite now inflicts 2x damage to Dark and Undead.
-Diorex now properly gives Upgraded Pyrian Rock Drake Saddle on defeat.

Mod is compatible with my Additional Creatures mod HOWEVER, due to future content, may not be compatible with Dragonpunk/Mythical Creatures

///What is Pyria: Mythos Evolved?////

-1. IT IS NOT AN OVERHAUL. Pyria is balanced for Vanilla ark and vanilla settings, though some things do hit harder than vanilla creatures normally. However, all creatures can still be killed via vanilla means. This mod does not perform well with ANY overhaul mod, as all overhauls are far too OP for Pyria's balanced creatures. If you want to use Pyria with an overhaul, I'd like to suggest you're unfortunately wasting your time.

Pyria forms behind the request of many wanting an ark full of fantasy-styled creatures, a desire ignited by Scorched Earth and fueled by the science-fiction of Aberration! Pyria builds on this desire, as Pyria follows the main plot of “What if the Ark somehow had access to a dead world of Fantasy, and began to recreate it as well?”. Discover an ark full of fantastic creatures, elements, and magic! With the resurrection of these creatures comes the resurrection of an age-old battle between Dark and Light. Pick a side and find your way through a harsh new world, discovering new creatures and allies, as well as facing brand new, extremely dangerous threats. Discover the hidden secrets behind the old world of Pyria; and discover how both the creatures of Ark, as well as the natives of Pyria, have adapted to each other! Pyria will test a survivor's knowledge of the game. What works against what, what gives an advantage in a situation. How to deal with certain enemies to make them easier, what weaknesses (every creature in Pyria has one!) can turn the tide of war!

Want the truest, full experience of the mod's canon backstory? The canon backstory's being written as we speak, and the mod offers both an official PvE, as well as PvP server based on mod canon! Use the discord links provided below to get access to both official servers and get the truest Pyrian Experience possible!

Can you unravel the secrets of Pyria: Mythos Evolved?

Only time will tell!

There are five main types of creatures you'll encounter!

The various, strange species of wild animals that inhabit Pyria. These fantastic beasts can trace their lineage from mythology the world over.

Sentient Races with fairly beastial appearances. Due to their only similarities to humans often being their posture, they are grouped differently than other sentient creatures. The majority of them tend to be brutal and tribe-going.

Races that often resemble humans, or humanoids, but not close enough. These kinds of races include Ogres, Cyclops, and that genera of humanoid creatures.

All-female races that depend on males of other races to reproduce. This is usually human men. As such, many mamono are often extremely friendly to humans; thus allowing them easier access to a potential husband. However, there are some with profound physical strength or abilities which would rather take their husband by force...

With the amount of magical energy that surges throughout Pyria, it was no surprise this type of beast would emerge. Undead are as they sound: The living dead, still kept bound to this plane of existence by some form or another. Oftentimes, this race is that which yeilds the most dangerous of creatures...yet if one can conquer them, one could reap extreme benefits.... Oftentimes, it does seem that as a whole, this type is weak to fire damage, explosive damage, wyvern-breath-elemental damage, and shredding scales...

I've tried to make sentient races behave more like actual sentient races, so no tranq-and-tame for 'em!
Also, ALL sentient races now have what I call a “comrade bonus”. This works the same as the Gang Bonus as a compy, but each race has a different amount of multipliers (+Number) they can max at. This is to simulate the idea of “If you have more on your side, the more confident you become”.

Remember to check the Beastiary discussion for controls!

Mod ID: 1090809604

Beastiary (controls & creature info)

Spawn Codes

/////////////MOD PATREON////////////


Mod mentor, true great friend.

-Godzilla, Milokamilo
Collaboration work for Water Wyvern, Gelragarian Direwolf, Brute Wyvern & Diorex

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

Mod Official Artist

Mod Official Composer

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
Epic youtube supporters

Mod skinner

-DiamondDahlia, DXFrost
-Mod Canon developers/lore developers
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