LTs Farming для Conan Exiles

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This Mod is a recopiled and updated version of the HomeBrew Mod with some improvements:
- Contianer sizes now are x2.
- Changed the stack sizes so the weapons, tools and armor will keep the original stack. They sometimes dissapear if you stack an item with full health and another borken.
- Placeable items now can be returned to the inventory.
- All the craft stations that have a Thrall box accept a cooker that will speed up the production (They can work without Thrall too tho).
- Windmill makes Flour that with Water-filled Flask and Leavening Agent can be used to make bread at the Furnace using less resources and being a bit more realistic.
- New craft stations:
- Midnight Blue Flower Garden
- Desert Berries Garden
- Highland Berries Garden
- Leavening Agent Garden
- Shroom Amanita Garden
- Puffball Mushroom Garden
- Asura's Glory Garden
- Mountain Goat Corral
- Serpent Corral
- Added Brimstone, Fur,Resin and Ice to the Buy and Sell markets.
- Added a new pleasable for Admins, Banker Tent, that allow to exchange the Dynasty Mod coins and this Mod ones.

Have in mind that the Smoker crafts items that are not already implemented. They will have use in later releases.
NOTE: If you want you can use my temperature mod (

Some of the original craft stations from HomeBrew were taken off since the items they created are already in-game.
The current Crafting Stations are:
- Water Catcher
- Compost Bucket

- Fern Garden
- Aloe Garden
- Cactus Garden
- Hops Garden
- Yellow Lotus Garden
- True Indigo Garden
- False Mandrake Garden
- Grey-flower Lupine Garden
- Aquatic Plants Garden

- Rabbit Traps
- Rabbit Hutch
- Croc Corral
- Spider Corral
- Ostrich Corral
- Antelope Corral
- Grey Rhino Corral

- Jumble Market Buy and Sell (with Aquilonian Luna Coins currency)
- Smoker
- Trall Stand
- Small Vault

Each kind of plant has a drop chance to get their seed in a range from 1% to 30% which are used to create the gardens.
The eggs and special items needed to create the corrals are given with the same drop chance as the seeds killing the animals.

So go ahead and grow your own plants!

This Mod is still under development so it probably there are some bugs yet. So feel free to leave any comment or report any bug you find.
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