LW- wagon sexy skin для Darkest Dungeon


This is a skin of town nomad.
I make her a young version,
And change the terrible delusion to a.....unmetamorphosis version?
(And a sexy version with tentacle just like some japan anima in Special Edit folder XD.
Just draw it for fun,if you don't like it,just ignore it.

I put other skin in "steamapps\workshop\content\262060\1170158906\Special Edit"
you can find them and use them,change the name to default style and cover the default.
(with some nudity version and no eye version)

For example:
If you want to see "nomad_wagon.dd.character 8.png" in game,
just copy it to someother place,
rename it, delete the "8" in the last.
After that,copy the file to "\steamapps\workshop\content\262060\1170158906\campaign\town\buildings\nomad_wagon" to cover the original one,
and you can see what you choose in game

*1.1 add slave version and psd (game size)
you can see it in https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=65712977
slave version in "steamapps\workshop\content\262060\1170158906\Special Edit\SLAVE"

(If the mod not work,you can try to change the mod loading list in loading interface to make it work.)

This is one of series “LW”, it means "Love Work"~
I want to draw female version for every hero in game(contain some mod hero),
maybe draw some thing more……(like back background,human in town,even some enemy)
it will be a long work。
If you want to support me,you can visit https://www.patreon.com/jefuty
If you support me,maybe i will draw it faster ?^_^

And a friend said that i should make a vote to decide which should be the next,
So i do it on patreon ~ two poll for next hero or town character,
If you already support me least $1, you can make a vote~
If you support pass $5,you can get the the second to vote!

The town vote end in 11/01,and the hero vote end in 11/10

https://www.patreon.com/jefuty (月付式,英文,支持paypal充值,带投票)
https://afdian.net/@jefuty (月付式,中文,支持支付宝充值,最低1元1月~)
http://www.hiccears.com/artist-profile.php?apid=39526 (购买式,支持微信)

- If you don't like this mod,please ignore it,instead leave some word,
Telling me i was doing bad thing and breaking the game or something like that.....
I know what i am doing,and i make this mod for those people love it.
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