[LFS] Misc. Star Wars Ships для Garry's Mod

An assortment of miscellaneous Star Wars fighters, mostly from Legends, brought to LFS for the enjoyment of anyone and everyone.

Included Ships:

- Trade Federation Droid Bomber
- H-6 Scurrg Prototype
- V-Wing
- W-Wing
- Z-95
- M3-A Scyk Fighter
- R-41 Starchaser
- Cutlass-9 Patrol Fighter
- Ebon Hawk

To Do:

- Mandalorian Komrk
- Suggestions appreciated

Known Issues:

- They call it "Hockeypuck." Basically, the ship has inverted and/or hyper-sensitive X-axis movement, meaning it slides around whenever you try to fly. Fairly minimized in these ships, but I've yet to narrow down a culprit.

Why am I telling you this if it's not present?
Because ships I may add in the future by popular demand still do suffer from it. I.e. Clone Z-95.

- The R41 spawns frozen, and must be un-frozen with physgun before flying. As such, it does not do well from the Spawners... I'll try to fix this ASAP, but until then, manual spawns are what you've got.

Most of the models are included, save the V-Wing and Z-95. For those, head over to Star Wars Vehicles, 'cause they are sure as hell not mine.

If you have any particular requests, let me know in the comments, and I'll see what's to be done.

Until next time, Pilots, Fly Safe.
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