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Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod.
by Crashpunk, CheapEggnog and Xalum.

This mod combines Crashpunk's 'DDLC Yuri Mod' with CheapEggnog's 'The Binding of Monika' as well as adding new features, active items, transformations and improved sprites.

NOTE: If you subscribed to both the 'DDLC Yuri Mod' and/or 'The Binding of Monika'. Please Unsubscribe before downloading this mod. It will crash the game otherwise! Those mods are outdated and are no longer supported.

This mod is my personal Love Letter to DDLC. A game which has taken over my life.

The idea of this mod came about after I played DDLC. Given it's themes, I thought it would be absolutely perfect to combine it with The Binding of Isaac. So I started making a simple mod which added Yuri (My favourite character) into the game.

At the same time. CheapEggnog started his own DDLC Isaac mod, 'The Binding of Monika'. Which added Monika, then later Sayori and Natsuki. I felt it was a bit awkward to have two separate mods splitting off the characters. So we decided to team up and work on combining the mods! What started as a simple idea, quickly turned into a bigger project. And this is the result of our work.

I want to give a massive shout out to Xalum, for helping me start out with Lua Coding and also wrote a lot of it himself; most notably the Active items. And of course CheapEggnog, for yet more amazing coding work and letting me combine the mods in the first place! This mod wouldn't have been made without them. So they deserve equal amounts of credit.

Thank you for reading! And I hope you enjoy our mod!
- Crashpunk

- All 4 Playable Dokis!
- 2 New Active Items!
- 3 Transformations!
- ...Secrets.

Should be compatible with other mods on the Workshop. If you have found a bug or conflict, please go to the forum.

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod

- Sayori

- 2 Red Hearts, 1 Soul Heart
- Starts with 'The Jar', 'Depression'
- Card - 'XII -The Hanged Man'

- Natsuki

- 2 Red Hearts
- Starts with a new active item 'Cute Cupcake!'
- Trinket: 'Swallowed Penny'
- Card: 'XI - Strength'

- Yuri

- 4 Red Hearts
- Starts with 'Sacrificial Dagger' and a new active item 'Portrait of Markov'

- Monika

- 3 Black Hearts
- Starts with 'Fruit Cake', 'Undefined' and 'GB Bug'
- Trinket: 'Error'

NOTE: Monika's items required to be unlocked in the game normally
GB Bug - Defeat Ultra Greed as Eden
Undefined - Complete the Boss Rush as Eden

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod

Sayori's 'Sayo-nara' Transformation

On Death. Resurrect. No Items Required

+ Flight
+ Spectral Tears
+ 1 Damage Up
- 1 Soul Heart (All gained Hearts removed)
- Fire Rate Decreased

Natsuki's 'Play With Me!' Transformation

Requires: 'Tough Love'

+ Fear Shot
+ 2 Black Hearts
+ 1 Damage

Yuri's 'Yandere' Transformation

Requires: 'Mom's Knife'

+ 3 Soul Hearts
+ 3 Damage

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod

'Portrait of Markov'

'Open your third eye...'
- Active Item
- Grants Triple Shot and Homing for 1 room.
- 4 Room Charge
- Exclusive for Yuri. Not available in the Item Pool.

'Cute Cupcake!'

- Active Item
- Heals for 1 heart + 1.5 Damage up for 1 room.
- 4 Room Charge
- Exclusive for Natsuki. Not available in the Item Pool.

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod

- Crashpunk

Project Lead, Main Sprite Artist and Creator of 'DDLC Yuri Mod'
Combining Mods, Coding, Yuri's Stats, Natsuki Transfomation, Steam Workshop Management.

- CheapEggnog

Main Coder and Creator of 'The Binding of Monika'
Sayori, Monika and Natsuki's stats, Sayori and Yuri Transformations, Spriting.

- Xalum

Active Items and coding support

- Yatboim
Feedback on the compatibility issues.

- Jonald Gerald L. Chua
'Doki Doki Literature Club! 8bit Album'

Special Thanks

- Reddit User u/LaggyModem.
Coming up with the Portrait of Markov Item idea.

- Reddit User u/PrinceVirginya
Tough Love idea for Natsuki.

- The Modding of Isaac Discord
General help.

- Kilplix
Got me into DDLC with his stream!

- ThatDarnPhil
Got me into The Binding of Isaac!

This is a Doki Doki Literature Club fan work that is not affiliated with Team Salvato. Download Doki Doki Literature Club at: or
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