Skarsnik's Vlad von Carstein retexture with NOSE (Isabella style) для Total War: WARHAMMER

This Mod changes:

- Vlad Face and Cape texture to fit and match Isabella's new ingame art
- Glowing blue eyes so they could blue stare each other on the night battles
- Blue back gems to fit her gems ^^
- Fixed vlad's skars so they can go outta to places and don't scare people (kinda of)
- Unit portrait featuring a nice Vlad's art i found on the web
- Cape matching the alternate von Carstein flag symbol made by this amazing git:
go check his mods!

Known issues:

- Vlad still has no nose (Can't fix that on photoshop)
UPDATE: Now he does!!!!!!!!! Thx to marthenill!

Hello Everyone! 1st of all i want to give a huge thanks to P4ntz who did the vlad bloody knight retexture mod wich i also used his cape as a model. Kudos p4ntz! (He also helped me on my 1st mod xD) and also a HUGE thx to Marthenil who was the one who actually gave him a nose on his mod:

So actually i wanted to change both Vlad and isabella to a more red and bloody themed reskins. I don't know if it had happen only to me but unfortunely Isabellas textures files (the 2 most important of en' anyways) somehow is bugged or whatnot so i basically can't edit her skins AT ALL. That being said, the alternative was to edit Vlad alone. I kinda disliked the idea they looked so different so i had to do this regardless my impossibility to edit her files. That's also why i don't touched his armor colors, any variation from the vanilla black and gold would look too much dif from her as well...

Hope y'all enjoy it and try it with the flag mod too! :D
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