Craft helper Mod (v1.1.2) for PZ 36.4 для Project Zomboid

This is Peanut's Craft helper Mod (v1.1.2):
Updated to work with PZ 36.4.

This mod will primarily add a "Craft Helper" context menu item when right-clicking on any item in your inventory or a container.
Selecting that will bring up a dialogue of every recipe that that item is part of. Selecting a recipe will show the recipe components and what
is already obtained by the player ('+' signs) and what needs to be obtained ('-' signs), as well as quantities.
I prefer this to the default crafting windows. This mod also had a crafting book icon that goes on the GUI, that is similar to the default
crafting window, which I removed, since it so slow when using mods like Hydrocraft. Rename recipesBook.lua.bak to recipesBook.lua to enable it.
Omegpl has developed enhancements to CrafterHelper up to v1.5g, that I was not aware of when I developed this. Those worked up to build 32.4.:
There were extensive code changes to get this to work in 36.4, due to changes in how the game now relates items with recipes.
All credit to Peanut.

Workshop ID: 911399676
Mod ID: CraftHelper
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